What is Costumed Aggression?

Do you often speculate that things would be better if you were in charge?

Have you ever considered that if you just worked hard enough at it, you could bring about everything you'd hoped for?

Have you ever watched a movie about a costumed “hero” and thought to yourself, Wow, that guy's a total wuss! I hope a much cooler bad guy kicks his ass!

To learn more about costumed aggression, and to see if it's right for you, see the following inspirational fiction for some examples.

The Venture Bros.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent displays an admirable degree of organization. Fatally, though, its Code of Honor emphasizes less the calamitous and more the intent.

The courageous Phantom Limb did try to return the organization to its former glory before he was brought to a tragic end by the very Guild he sought to embolden.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible is a hero among heroes. Or, more importantly, an anti-hero among anti-heroes.

He shows how we can all overcome those little impediments that get in the way of our ultimate goal, whatever that may be.

The Dark Knight

Even the ignorant masses use the phrase “Oscar-worthy performance as The Joker” when talking about this movie. As well they should.

Perhaps this is Hollywood's attempt at penance for turning Darth Vader into a petulant teenager.

Finally, the global media portrays positive role models for aspiring super-villains!

Also, though he's not known to be a super-villain, learn from Dean Kamen's example. He already has his own island and does quite a bit of military R&D. Keep an eye on him…